Superformance GT40 for sale
...to take a brand new Superformance GT40, and fit it with a 5-litre Ford DOHC Coyote V8 of the type currently in use in Mustangs!  What you get is around 435bhp, and, thanks to state-of-the-art VVT technology, a huge amount of torque at low revs.  The result is a powerplant with about as much top-end power as the Gulf cars had back in the 1960s, but with the tractability and general ease of use that you would expect in a modern Mustang destined to be somebody’s daily driver.  It’s a winning combination, and has the added benefit that you won’t need to spend your weekends keeping multiple Webers in tune - this beautiful GT40 has fuel injection, and, if that’s not enough, it’s emissions-legal virtually everywhere!
This car is right-hand-drive, and its Quaife RFQ transaxle is operated via a central gearshift, so those who can’t get to grips with using a shift lever next to the door will feel right at home.  2283 is new, and has covered under 30 miles; it was built for a gentleman based in the UK, but, before he was able to take delivery, a change in circumstances necessitated his move abroad to look after his business interests.  So, it’s for sale, and with it will go its pre-1967 licence number, despite the car having been first registered on 1 October 2012.  
It’s being offered at quite a discount on its original price, of course, so, If you’d like to add it to your inventory, just contact the owner’s agent and he’ll let you know more.
Page updated 01/2013
What a brilliant idea...