Ford P68 (F3L) for sale
No, it isn’t a GT40, but the Ford P68 (alias the F3L) is part of Ford’s sports-racing history, and it was a contemporary of the wonderful GT40.  I first saw one of these sleek and pretty cars at Brands Hatch in the late 1960s, and I well remember the first time I ever sat in one.  It was parked in the storeroom of Tom Wheatcroft’s Donington Collection, and it was very grubby, and sorely in need of some TLC.  Ronnie Spain and I had visited the collection with the sole purpose of having a look at the P68, and we were delighted to be given permission to get behind the wheel - despite that fact that the DFV engine sitting in the rear was merely a dummy.  With a height of 6-feet and quite-a-bit, Ronnie couldn’t fit into the tiny cockpit of the F3L - but yours truly, at a more compact 5 feet ten or so, could just, and only just, squeeze in.  It was easily the most closely-fitting cockpit I have ever encountered, and made a Porsche 917 seem positively spacious by comparison.  Back to business.  The P68 shown here is for sale, and if you fancy the idea of inserting yourself into that tiny cockpit, just send us an email and we’ll tell you how  to make this alloy-bodied beauty your very own.