October 2012: J-17, one of the batch of seven new
GT MkIVs, is for sale!
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Ford GT MkIV for sale

And yes, it’s the only one which is.  The other six have all been sold, but just one recently completed car is available.  Chances are that you already know something about these superb new-build MkIVs assembled by Ken Thompson for Kar-Kraft, so suffice it to say that they have been manufactured virtually exactly to the original 1966/67 technical drawings, with only minor changes to reflect the march of technology in the last 40+ years.  All have aluminium honeycomb chassis just like those of the 1967 production batch, with fibreglass front and rear bodywork.  Gearbox is a new T-44, four-speed, all-synchromesh, and the engine is a twin-Holley 427 motor similar to the one in the Gurney/Foyt J-5 which won at Le Mans in ‘67.  We really envy the lucky guy who’s going to become the proud owner of J-17.  What colours can you have?  Anything you want - from a recreation of an original, to a “what-might-have-been” had more MkIVs been available to the two works teams back in 1967, but as of now J-17 is wearing the red and white livery of J-5 itself.
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