After many years in the wilderness, HM GT40P/1047 has at last been restored.  Racingicons.com did the work, and, not surprisingly, it is to an awesomely high standard.  The attention to detail is simply astonishing, and this old warhorse is now back in the condition it was in just prior to the start of the 1967 Le Mans 24-hour race, during which it crashed and was too badly damaged to continue.  Long thought to have been 1031, this car’s true identity was finally revealed some five years ago, following examination of the original 1031 - alias 1047 - during its own restoration by racingicons.com.  It’s been 45 years, but now 1047, which for so long had been out of sight in a private collection in Japan, is now able to be displayed with pride, a worthy addition to the ranks of GT40s which have been fully restored to their authentic racing specifications - correct down to lacquer paint, electroluminescent roundel panels, date tags on Aeroquip hoses, polycarbonate air plenum, etc.  After being displayed at the 2012 Le Mans Classic (where it won its class in the concours d’elegance), 1047 has now returned to Japan.
Photos courtesy of Robin Thompson, of Art Racing