Laguna Seca is a wonderful circuit.  The views available to the spectators are absolutely superb, the climate is fresh and comfortable, the air is clear, and it almost never, ever, rains.  Add to that the ambience of the Monterey peninsula, with the 17-mile drive, Cannery Row, the Aquarium, sea-food restaurants, the lone cypress tree, Carmel mission, Pebble Beach, Big Sur and so on, and you can see why so many people look upon the Monterey Historics as the best vintage racing event on the calendar.  We haven’t been since 1997, alas, but, all being well, we’ll be there this year, and will be bringing you photos of the Fords (and other cars, no doubt) that we see.  The featured marque will be Alfa Romeo, but we’re not such Ford fanatics that we can’t enjoy seeing T33s, TZ2s and the like, as well as Porsches, Ferraris and tons of other great vintage racers.
The event takes place over the weekend of
15-17 August, 2008.  We can hardly wait!

Update: we went, we photographed.
See some of our pictures here
Laguna Seca’s Corkscrew just has to be one of the most spectacular pieces of track anywhere in the world.
There are usually a few GT40s to be found at the Monterey Historics.  This photo of 1018 was taken in 1997, when Shelby was the featured marque.  Here the car is seen descending from the Corkscrew.
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