Nostalgia - By Appointment - supplier of GT40s to HRH The Prince of Wales”

Well, not yet, but maybe some day.  Stranger things have happened.  But why should this one come about?  
Well, you will no doubt know the name Camilla Parker-Bowles.  Yes, that’s the previous name of Prince Charles’s wife, the now Duchess of Cornwall.  And, you see, she has a niece, Emma Parker-Bowles, who just happens to be a motoring journalist.  And said motoring journalist has recently had the opportunity to drive a Superformance GT40!  Superformance/Hillbank boss Lance Stander, who at the time was a passenger in the GT40, said she drove him faster than any woman had before.  
Now all that is needed is for Emma P-B to have a quick word with her uncle, the afore-mentioned HRH, and persuade him to ditch the Aston Martins in favour of something a whole lot more exciting, and hey presto! The coveted coat-of-arms could well be featuring on Rod Leach’s Nostalgia letterhead!
We shall keep our fingers crossed...
A Royal GT40 ???
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