GT40 merchandise
We must admit - one thing we never fail to enjoy at a vintage race meeting is - the shopping!  And at the Le Mans Classic, we stumbled upon the Orpheograff shop, where we treated ourselves to a selection of their gorgeous postcards depicting GT40s.  What’s more, not only do they do GT40s, their range includes lots of other famous Le Mans cars, such as Porsches, Matras, Alpine Renaults, Ferraris and so on.

The cards are delightful, and each one features a beautifully painted image by François Bruère, of a Le Mans car, set in front of a ghosted sepia background.  We like them so much that we’ve bought envelopes for them and we’ll be sending them as Christmas cards to our GT40 friends.  

What makes it even better is that they’re only one Euro each, which is great value for such exquisite little works of art.  

If, however, bigger pictures are your thing, you can obtain larger images at prices ranging from 15 Euros to 89 Euros, depending on size chosen.

To see the entire range, including other GT40 images not shown here, just click on the Orpheograff logo at the top of the page, and you’ll get to their website, which has an English language section for those who haven’t got to grips with French!
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Now, for this poster you really are going to have to dig deep.  It is an extremely rare original poster from Le Mans 1959, and it will be supplied in its original cardboard tube.  It has only recently come to light, and has been looked at only rarely, too.

What makes it very special is that it has been signed by none other than Carroll Shelby himself!  You may recall that in the days before Cobras and GT40s, CS was an accomplished race car driver, and, in John Wyer’s Aston Martin team, he won Le Mans - in 1959, of course.

So now you see why we’re featuring a non-GT40 poster on these pages.  We understand that the last time an original 1959 LM poster was sold the price was about $5000, so we’d expect this signed copy to go for rather more than that.  If you’d like to put in a bid, just let us know, and we’ll put you in touch with the owner.