It’s always good to see pictures of GT40s in print, but the old clunkers are now heading for their half-century, and in a world dominated by so-called hot hatches it’s sometimes difficult for the world’s most beautiful and exciting cars to get a look in.  Well, at last, there’s a magazine aimed at those of us who love GT40s, and who don’t mind them sharing some space with Cobras and Shelby Mustangs along the way.  The new magazine, produced by Jacky Morel, is entitled 427 racing (what a magic number!) and you can get it even if your local newsagent doesn’t stock it.  In fact, you won’t find it at any newsagent, for that matter, because this magazine is available ONLY by mail, via the internet.

Issue No.1 is now available.  With covers it runs to exactly 100 pages, and the vast majority of those are editorial, with very little in the way of advertising to spoil the view - but, what few ads there are, are relevant, so you won’t mind them anyway.  The first issue contains no fewer than 20 pages (many in colour) devoted to the GT40, and you can go on line to check them out before you buy the magazine, because every page can be seen (in miniature - they’re not daft) on the website!

So, make your way along to their website, and take a look for yourself.  Price of the magazine is just €5.95 plus postage, variable according to which country you’re in.  Oh, one downside - the magazine’s in French... but, if you  did some French at school you’ll probably be able to cope, and even if you didn’t, there are always the pretty pictures to look at.  Why not give it a try?
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